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.One of the easiest ways to earn money in pajamas on the web is through the use of the Get Paid To (GPT) website CashCrate. Users of this site earn cash by completing tasks such as signing up for offers and filling out online surveys. The surveys are 100% free and many of the cash offers are free. There are several ways that people can earn money from using CashCrate. This article will detail ways in which people can earn money in pajamas using CashCrate, how payments are processed by the site, and some cautions that need to be considered when trying to earn with CashCrate.

1. Complete cash offers

There are many cash offers that users of CashCrate can complete. Quite a number of these are free. Some companies just want to send a free sample or send an advertising email, and are more than happy to pay $0.50 to do so. Some of the offers will cost a bit of money and require a credit card, but those who want to make money for spending nothing but free time do not have to do spend a dime and can just refuse to do the offers that cost a fee.

Proof of payment. Over $35 in November.

2. Complete daily surveys

Marketing companies love to know about their market. Major corporations pay survey companies to find out what the market wants. There are usually around 6 surveys on CashCrate every day. These pay between $0.50 and $0.80 each. Some members earn about $5 per day just by completing the daily surveys. These can be completed during the commercials on your favorite game or other television show.

3. Check in

There is a check-in button on the CashCrate homepage that pays $0.03 for a click of the mouse. Those who do this every day will earn a $0.50 bonus at the end of the month. You could just about meet the minimum payout just by doing this every day in a year.

4. Install the toolbar

I have personally made quite a bit on this. CashCrate pays $0.50 for every 25 searches. Since they limit users to 10 qualifying searches per day, it takes about 2.5 days to earn the bonus. Those who complete the Check-in and search requirements every day for a year would earn over 80 bucks for very little effort. This would be a great addition for Christmas gifts or taking out that special someone on a date.  Please note that this toolbar was discontinued in mid-2013. Now, there is a search bar on the CashCrate homepage. You can only earn money from it on days that you earn $1.00 from the cash offers. 

5. Referrals

Signing up referrals is the way that many people have made the most money on CashCrate. While some people are able to make between $100 and $200 on the site without referrals, I have seen two people who have made in the neighborhood of $150,000 and another that has made nearly $60,000. Most of this comes from referrals. The top level of referrals gets 30% of their referrals payout on cash offers and 20% of their referrals’ referrals on cash offers. They also get a nickel for every survey or bonus survey that a referral completes. If you sign up for CashCrate under my link, you will earn me money, but you will also be able to get referrals and earn money through them.

How are users paid?

Users are paid by check during each month in which they earn the minimum payout amount, which is currently set at $20. Earnings are carried over each month in which members do not make the minimum. The checks are cut around the 15th and users can expect to get payment from CashCrate in the mail around the 20th. Those who reach higher levels of earnings can begin to get paid on the 1st and there is also a PayPal and weekly pay option for those who reach higher levels of success with the website. As you can see above, people actually get paid by the site.

Considerations before opening an account

Those who sign up for CashCrate are giving out at least their email address to internet marketers. You will get more mail in your inbox. I’ve set up another G-mail account that I give out to these marketers. Many who are members of CashCrate do the same thing. Of course, this is optional, but it is important to remember.

Another consideration is related to offers that require a phone number. I do not give out my phone number to marketing companies, not because they will randomly call at dinner time, but because they will at time “sign you up” for a service you do not want and then you will get a mysterious charge on your next bill. I got this information from the following post on the Christian PF blog. My opinion of the site is much higher than the author of the post, but this is probably because I read his warning.

Some of the cash offers require a credit card number that will be charged after a free trial period for the use of a service. If you like the service and want to keep it, that’s fine, but just remember to cancel any offers that you do not intend to keep after the deadline.

You can make money on CashCrate and it is not a scam

As you can see from the payment proof above, CashCrate is not a scam. You do not have to spend a dime to make money. They do pay out as advertised. Some of the offers will not approve if they are not completed correctly. Users will not qualify for some of the surveys. Nevertheless, it is a legitimate way to make money from home. It is possible to make a few extra bucks to well over $100 in your spare time. Anyone over 13 years of age can sign up so it is a great way for teenagers to earn money while doing what they like–playing on the computer. CashCrate will even put $1 in your account to get you started just for signing up. Only $19 more to go.banner

**CashCrate update: I’ve now made over $1,000 on CashCrate in just over two years.

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    • cp913 says:

      What nation are you located in, Shariq? Most offers are only available in the US. Some are available to Canadians or British citizens. Other nations have few offers. I think there are some surveys that will work. Also, if you have a large network that includes Americans, Britons, or Canadians, you can definitely earn some money from referring them to the site.

  2. Nice post..pls since 1 week i registed with them av’nt earn a din…i did not see any survey, etc…if i click on any earning tab i will see a massage like this ‘we dont have any survey for you’…pls help…

    • cp913 says:


      Where do you live? Most of the offers are only available in the US, Canada or the UK. You might have a survey or two available, and you can definitely earn some money if you can sign up referrals from the countries I listed above.

  3. I have just recently signed up and started to promote CashCrate. It is nice to see yet another positive review of this site, I haven’t read anything bad about CashCrate yet.

    • cp913 says:

      I’ve seen a few negative reviews, but most are positive. I’ve had a decent amount of success with the site, even before I started promoting it extensively. I do not review sites that I have not used myself.

  4. Ashley says:

    It’s kind of funny because I already read that post you left the link to. I was concerned with the phone number issue.
    I want to try the CashCrate, and the SwagBucks sounds nice too. I guess I’m just a little weary because of all the conflicting reviews.. I feel like it would be easy for the GPT sites to hire a bunch of people to talk them up…

    • cp913 says:


      I avoid giving out my phone number to any of the vendors just to be sure. There are offers that do not require a phone number or a credit card. Those are the ones that I focus upon. I do earn from referrals, but I made around $150-$200 before I ever got the first dollar from referrals on CashCrate. Earning money will take some time. I usually try to earn while watching TV personally. Any money earned while I would otherwise be wasting time is a bonus.

      SwagBucks is also an easy way to earn. All you need to do is use it for your search engine for the first few searches in a day and you will usually earn a bit. I use it for a few searches in the morning and the evening and usually win twice. It won’t pay off the house, but a few bucks a month for doing something you’d do anyway is a pretty cool deal. Everyone who signs up as my referral this month and earns at least 100 bucks from searching will get entered into a drawing for a $100 e-gift card thanks to SwagBucks. Also, if you put earnmoney70 into the “I have a code” block, you are supposed to get a 70 buck bonus for signing up.


  5. Cashcrate is one of the best sites to make good money. And you can earn money by doing survey, shopping, games, tournament, referrals etc. They have over 3 millions members and also they pay regularly.

    Also another good site is sendearning. And they have good surveys and they pay too. Checkout a review on my blog..

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