Monthly Online Earnings Report–Making Money in Pajamas for January

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January was a pretty busy month. I was on the road for the first week of the month, so my online earning capabilities were not as big as they might have otherwise been. Also, I spent quite a bit of time getting my first draft of my dissertation finished, so that took a bit more time. Travel is not in the cards for February, but there will more than likely be some impressive revisions to do on the dissertation. Nevertheless, I was able to make a few bucks on the side during January.

Most of my money actually came from online writing. There are several sites that people can use to make money. Some of them are open to citizens from around the world. Some limit themselves to just American citizens. At times, my earning is limited by the types of jobs that are available. I might look at the board to see what jobs are available and conclude that the instructions are so convoluted that my pay per hour will come out to about $2.50 because of the research and or formatting involved. I tend to look for jobs in areas in which I already have some knowledge so that I can make more money more quickly.

In January, I made $116.79 from a freelance writing site. I also was able to make $70.52 from the online writing site HubPages, which is a Web 2.0 site that allows users to post their own articles and participate in discussions that are in a way like Facebook. HubPages has a large number of users and pays based upon the number of views and click that people get. I was able to earn some more money during January, but I did not make the payout amount necessary to get paid from these sites. I am continually on the lookout for legitimate ways to make money without leaving the house. I will continue to review some of these sites in the future and keep up with my goal of earning $5,000 in 2013 from my internet work. I am at $187.31 so far after one month. My hope is that the money will start to snowball over time.

What are your online earning goals for the year? I’m interested to know.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Online Earnings Report–Making Money in Pajamas for January

  1. I came to your web via Problogger and I just wanted to check some things out. Not a bad site afterall. I would like to share my side of story. Though, my goal is not making money from site but passionating helping people especially the students in my country. But where will the money from expenses like site bills, browsing charges etc come from? My pocket or my passionate web? I don’t think my pocket will care for that. Well, from your story, I would set goals for myself and my website. And monetize as much as possible.

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you liked the post. My goal is to help people AND make money at the same time. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. If you do not want to make any money, the costs will come from your pocket. You can, of course, use one of the free blogging platforms that will allow you to have a site without having to pay for it. If you want to upgrade and pay for it with blogging expenses, some sort of affiliate marketing or having a product to sell would probably be best.

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