Earning Money in Pajamas with MTurk

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I will not earn a commission or referral fee if you sign up for MTurk.

In my series on making money online via various sites, I read about several people earning money through Amazon.com’s Mechanical Turk website, more commonly known as MTurk.

MTurk is effectively a site on which people all around the world can get paid to do certain tasks that people need done. These tasks are known as Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs.

It is necessary for those wanting to use the site to first sign up for MTurk. The process is fairly short and simple. After signing up and getting account approval, you can then start working on tasks. There are usually somewhere between 150,000 and 400,000 tasks that can be chosen at any given time. Fork example, as I am writing this, there were 225,099 HITs available for site users.

The amount of money that each task pays out varies by quite a bit. Many will pay a cent or two, others will pay several dollars. The types of tasks that people can complete are as widely varied as taking surveys, recording information based upon Google searches, writing short articles or blog posts, or transcribing audio files. Most of the more lucrative options are of the transcription variety.

I decided to try out MTurk for a bit, doing a HIT here and there. Most were around $0.10 or $0.20. I earned $6.61, and decided to cash out. It is possible for users to cash out at any time after getting $1.00 in their account. The earnings can then be posted to either an Amazon.com gift card account or a bank account. I opted for depositing the funds into my Amazon account. They showed up immediately.

Is MTurking a great way to make a full-time income from home? Nope. The per hour pay is pretty low, and the marketplace is nearly global in scope because of the Internet. It is possible to do a hit during each commercial break or between pitches, however. These dollars can add up over time and help with bills or Christmas or birthday presents. I have seen some stories that show people making thousands on the MTurk site. I probably won’t, but, apparently, it is possible to do so.

MTurk is another in the plethora of possibilities when it comes to making money online. Those who want to earn money in pajamas without leaving the house are sure to find plenty of opportunity if they are willing to look for it and then work.

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