Swagbucks Pays Off

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A few months ago, I posted a review of the site Swagbucks. I also posted that Swagbucks is a great option for teenagers to earn a bit of extra money. American teens who are at least 13 can sign up at any time. The site only works in the US, the UK, and Canada. I just wanted to verify my earlier assessment of this site. Those living in one of the countries listed above can sign up for Swagbucks here.

I spend about five minutes (if that) on the site on most days. The site offers random amounts of digital currency for searches. It is possible to get 20-30 Swagbucks per day just by searching the web. Each Swagbuck is worth about a cent. A cent might not seem like much (and it isn’t), but when cents are added up, they make up dollars.

I won over 20 Swagbucks with one search.
I won over 20 Swagbucks with one search. They add up to get gift cards quickly.

I have been saving up the Swagbucks for a bit. It is possible to cash in on e-gift cards for between 450 (Amazon.com) and 500 Swagbucks (just about everything else).  I decided to cash in at 5,000 Swagbucks. I was able to snag a $50 Walmart gift card. I chose Walmart because they actually allow you to use the certificate in the store. Target and most other retailers require you to use the e-gift card on online purchases.

Those who want straight up cash can sign up for a PayPal account and deposit the funds directly. They can then be transferred into a bank account. The cash can then be spent or saved in any manner that is desired. Swagbucks definitely pays off for those who want to make money in pajamas. Sign up for Swagbucks today by following this link.

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