September 2015 Passive Dividend Earnings

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I’ve been putting capital to work over the past couple of months in an attempt to really earn money in pajamas. Stock pay dividends on a regular basis no matter what I do. I could watch TV, sleep, and eat all day long, every day, and the ownership stakes that I’ve paid for in my companies would still pay out. Last month, I gave my first dividend earnings report. I earned a whopping $0.64 from a small dividend from Apple (AAPL). This month, a couple of great companies paid me for owning a small sliver of their operations. My dividend earnings ¬†for September were:

WalMart (WMT): $0.69

McDonald’s (MCD): $1.29

These companies paid me $1.98, which adds up to just more than $0.03 per day. That might not seem like much, but with any luck that will add up to a dollar per day over the relatively near future. That $1 will then multiply to $2, and then $10 each day. All that’s needed is time and more capital to put to work. The best thing about this money is that it comes in without my doing any additional work than the work that I put in to get the initial capital to invest. It’s like a snowball that’s adding a little bit each quarter going forward.

With my earnings from August added in, I’ve now reached $2.62 in dividends this year. I’ve already earned my first dividend for October, as Coca-Cola (KO) has already paid out their third quarter dividend. I should also get a dividend from the Bank of Nova Scotia at the end of the month. October should be another record-breaking month, even though I’m not likely to pay for much more than the dollar menu at McDonald’s with my earnings. From this point forward, my income should start really picking up, though. Passive income is the best income.

5 thoughts on “September 2015 Passive Dividend Earnings

  1. The pennies will soon enough become dollars. Thanks for sharing your dividend income with us. The key is to remain consistent and make purchases whenever you can in high quality dividend payers. A few dollars here a few dollars there, it all adds up. Look forward to your next update.

  2. tb says:

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