January 2016 Passive Dividend Income

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The first month of the year ended yesterday. I’m working on building up a passive income stream that can provide additional funding when it comes time to retire in addition to Social Security and any pension funds that I’m able to get. Dividends that consistently grow are a good sign that a company has adequate income to build their business and provide monetary benefits to its shareholders.

In the past six months, I’ve been able to build small positions in eight different companies that pay dividends each quarter. In January, two of my companies paid out dividends to me. I own a few shares of Wal-Mart (WMT) stock in an account with Loyal3. I also own a few shares of stock in the Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) in a TradeKing account. The former pays cash into my account, while the latter allows me to automatically reinvest my dividends. This means that my BNS dividends should grow each quarter (at least in Canadian funds) without my doing anything else. I earned infinitely more in dividend income this month than I did at this time last year, as I was not investing in dividend-paying stocks. Any income whatsoever is an improvement over last January’s total of a big, fat goose egg. Without further ado, here is my dividend income for January 2016:

Wal-Mart (WMT)                            $1.48

Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)          $3.00

TOTAL for January:                    $4.48

My BNS dividend purchased an additional 0.065 shares of stock in the company, which should add approximately $0.14 to my dividend next quarter given a similar exchange rate. I’ll be looking to add additional shares as funding comes available.

My $4.48 is not a massive amount of money, and it would allow me to take about 15 minutes off if I were to try and use my passive income to replace active income at this point. However, it’s a start, and as it’s been said many times before, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I’ve taken more than the first step, but I’m early in the journey and hope to add shares and passive income going forward. At this point, my forward dividend income is nearly $109. Hopefully, this will grow to $250 or more by the end of the year.  I’ve added this income summary to my monthly dividend income page.

10 thoughts on “January 2016 Passive Dividend Income

  1. Small amount or large amount doesn’t really matter. Everyone has to start at the beginning, right? The most important thing you have done was simply start along this passive income journey. You are way ahead of many in that respect and just watch how fast your dividends grow over the months and years as you stay consistent with your buys and focus on sustainable yield. Thanks for sharing and look forward to your next update.

    • cp913 says:

      My next update should show up early next month, and I expect it to show an increase over the same month last quarter. Onward and upward.

  2. I agree with Tawcan. DRIP makes a huge difference. I love watching my fractional shares increase with every dividend distribution. If you’re diligent, someday soon, you’ll be talking about your dividends adding multiple shares every quarter to your portfolio. Keep it up.

    • cp913 says:

      The way I look at it, the DRIP increases my income by the amount of the yield each year, even without any dividend increases or additional capital added on my part. That’s a pretty cool deal.

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing your January passive income. It looks like we both recently started to buy quality dividend paying stocks in 2015. It is great to see another fellow investor in the DGI community at the initial phase of their journey. Keep up the great work and in no time those dividends will be enough to buy whole shares. Cheers, DN

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for visiting Niche. I think keeping up with the journey from the beginning is a great way to share the powers of DGI.

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