March 2016 Passive Dividend Income

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The month of March has ended, and it’s one of my most favorite times of the month–time to update my monthly dividend income. My previous monthly record was just a whisker shy of reaching double figures (a Hamilton in US currency terms), and as the third month of the quarter seems to be the most popular for companies that pay out dividends, I was expecting to finally hit this level for the first time, about eight months after receiving my first dividend payment of a whopping $0.64 from Apple back in August. The month’s payments did not disappoint. Here they are:

Kellogg’s (K)                               $0.57

McDonald’s (MCD)                   $2.71

Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.B)      $10.34

TOTAL dividend income for March 2016:     $13.62 

Dividend income for 2016:                               $24.38

This total might not seem like much, but it’s money that I didn’t have to work for. It’s also $13.62 more than I was making in passive income just 8 months ago. Over time, this money should start to add up. My payment from Shell went toward DRIPping 0.23 shares in RDS.A. I’m not sure why it went toward the A shares as opposed to the B shares, but this additional purchase should add $0.86 toward my annualized dividend income, which is now estimated at $124.18. Dividend income is passive income, which is the best type of income. My other dividends are sitting in my Loyal3 account waiting to be deployed when I reach $10 or more so that I can diversify into another great company. This should happen next week after April payments from Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart.

During the month of March, I also added $25 purchases toward Apple and Wal-Mart stock in my Loyal3 account and 4 additional whole shares of AT & T in my TradeKing account. These purchases are additional building blocks toward financial freedom. You can open a TradeKing account here and receive a $50 bonus for signing up, funding an account, and making a minimum number of trades.  Some of my capital for stock purchases comes from my use of SwagBucks. Every time I get $25 in PayPal cash from SwagBucks, I transfer it to my bank and then one of my brokerage accounts. You can sign up for SwagBucks here. I earn money just for searching and watching videos, and it’s money I earn while simultaneously watching TV–definitely an example of maximizing time to earn money in pajamas.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial professional. Please use the information on this site for educational/entertainment purposes only. Be sure to check with a financial professional before purchasing equities.

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14 thoughts on “March 2016 Passive Dividend Income

  1. BOOM! You hit double digits. Triple digits are just around the corner. I’ll never forget my first dividend, a whopping $1.23. It ads up quickly if you stay focused and keep buying quality stocks. I set a record this month, coming in close to $800 in dividends. I started investing 2-years ago. It adds up quickly.

  2. Great month! You didn’t even have to lift a finger to earn that income, did you? Think of it this way, your dividend income for 2016 more than doubled this month. I own two of the three companies you received dividend checks from as well and I am not planning on selling them any time soon. The power of the DRIP is HUGE, so take advantage of the Shell Drip while the stock price is low. Can’t wait to see your progress over the next year.


    • cp913 says:

      My only regret about RDS is not having more capital available when it was around $40 a share. Still ~$50 is well below historical levels, and I don’t think oil is going anywhere anytime soon.

  3. It’s not the amount you receive as much as the progress you are making year over year and the fact that you have solid companies paying you from a sustainable cash flow and manageable payout ratio. Bit by bit via DRIPs, Loyal3 or whatever keep building that passive income stream. Thanks for sharing.

  4. PJs,

    It’s great to see another investor with a “baby portfolio” like mine. You’re not alone in small payments, my friend. Let’s keep rolling our dividends up though and make a crater causing snow ball in a few years time. Keep it up!

  5. Lou says:

    Anyone have any experience using Merrill Edge? I just opened an account for the 100 free trades per month. I figured this would enable me to buy a few shares stock in different companies at a time and not have to wait until I have enough to buy 100 shares of a security to save on commissions. I’m interested in knowing about people experiences with this firm. Thanks.

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