May 2016 Passive Dividend Earnings

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It’s again one of my favorite times of the month–the time that I get to recount my passive dividend income that rolled in over the past 30 (or so) days. The month of May is over, and I again made some money while working on my day job and while sleeping at night. My dividend income was already ahead of all of last year at the end of March. April and May have just added to this amount.

While the amount is not terribly impressive, it’s growing over time, and that’s my goal. My goal is to build up a growing stream of passive income that allows me to handle many of my expenses when I get closer to retirement. Pennies today will grow to dollars tomorrow, and then into hundreds in a few years. My current forward annual dividend income is estimated at a total of $142.90. During the month of May, I was able to earn the following dividends:

Apple (AAPL):                               $2.24

Starbucks (SBUX):                     $0.09

AT & T (T):                                      $6.85

TOTAL for May 2016              $9.18

This dividend income from May brings my annual total to $42.46, which is well above my $20.91 total for all of 2015. I’ve currently more than doubled my annual dividend income.  I earned my first dividend from Starbucks in May, and I was able to add to both my Apple and AT & T payment from February. My dividend from AT & T was reinvested into 0.175 additional shares of the telecom giant. This DRIP will add $0.34 to my annual dividend income. I did not buy any new companies in May, and I am currently invested in a total of 10 companies.

My dividends from May were $2.91 more than my payout in February. This was an increase of 46 percent in just three months. I did not have a dividend payment in May 2015, so my year-over-year increase is not available. This comparison will start to be available in August.  The growth in my passive income is really exciting. I’m looking forward to the day when I can earn hundreds every month from my recliner. How did your dividend income look for May?

4 thoughts on “May 2016 Passive Dividend Earnings

  1. Great job with your passive income earned. It’s not about the total dollars earned rather the fact that you took the first steps to become a dividend growth investor. Over time, with patience, and consistent investments you’ll continue to earn an ever growing passive income stream “while you sleep.” I still have SBUX on my watch list but will wait to pull the trigger on that name just yet. Thanks for sharing.

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for visiting, DivHut. You’ve noted my strategy. I’m hoping to invest a bit each month and see the income grow over time. It’s already much higher than it was when I started on a percentage basis. I’m hoping to add to SBUX over time, as I think it has the ability to grow.

  2. This blogs always seems different from others and I am happy to reach here. You are really a good investor and helping so many peoples the way to invest their money in a efficient manner.
    Thanks a lot !!!

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for visiting. Keep in mind that there are several different ways to invest. This is just the one that I have decided to go with. If I can help others, that’s great.

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