4 thoughts on “Why I Got the Amex Blue for Business

  1. Don Snow says:

    I think that’s one of the reasons Mr. Ramsey is against credit cards. 20,000 points sounds great, but spending $2000 at restaurants isn’t a very good financial move. You begin to go out of your way to spend more than you would otherwise because there’s a reward behind it. I use my cards for utility bills and every day purchases I have to make anyway. I try to avoid eating out in general and certainly don’t spend $2000 every 6 months at resturaunts lol. To each there own!

    • cp913 says:

      I’m not planning on maxing out the $2,000, but I’m taking a couple of trips that will require eating out. I also eat out a couple of times in most weeks. I might as well get something additional out of it, at least that’s my perspective.

  2. Don Snow says:

    If it fits with how you spend then absolutely, why not!? Credit card benefits can definitely save you money in the long run on things you buy anyway! Just avoid the interest! ;D

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