November 2016 Passive Dividend Income

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Another month is in the books. November 2016 has come and gone. While I’m not terribly happy that the wind is kicking up from the north and bringing cold weather, I am happy that some great companies continue to provide me with money from dividends that I can deploy to buy more income. Over time, I hope to build a nice stash of dividend-paying stocks that could take care of a nice portion of my expenses each and every month.

One of the greatest things about dividends is the fact that they come in whether I work or not. I had a few days off for Thanksgiving, but the companies that I own continued to do their thing, earning revenue that will hopefully be turned into profits, that will in turn come my way in the form of additional dividends. I have made a few sales to pay off some debt over the past couple of months, so I did not get as many dividends as I would have expected in November.  Additionally, Starbucks, which usually pays out in the second month of the quarter, is going to be paying off in early December. I’ll still get paid, just in a different month than usual. In spite of these facts, I busted through the $20 number in a month for the very first time since I started this journey last year. Here are the two payments I received in November 2016:

Taxable accounts:

AT & T (T)                                                                    $7.01


Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)        $18.30

TOTAL for November:                                   $25.31

As you can see from the listing above, I not only smashed through the $20 mark, I received a Jackson and a Lincoln along with some change (that’s a $20 and a $5). My $25.31 set a new record for my dividend growth investing history. It now brings my total dividend income for the year up to $141.48, which is well above the $15.08 that I had earned at this time last year. Additionally, I only earned $5.41 in November 2015, so I earned nearly five times the dividend income that I earned in the same month just one short year ago. That’s a pretty impressive increase, from my standpoint, as I would have to earn about $125 next year if I were able to duplicate this jump for 2017. I don’t think I’ll quite get to this point, but it would definitely be nice to achieve.

My estimated dividend income for the next 12 months is now at $252.49. This is more than $20 a month on average, which would allow me to take off slightly more than an hour a month with my estimation that I’d need to replace $20 an hour if I were to live solely off of dividend income.

How did your dividend income shape up for the month of November? Did you have a year-over-year increase? Let me know in the comments.  I have updated my monthly dividend page to reflect these payments.  Also, if you’d like to follow my progress on a monthly basis, be sure to sign up to get updates.

Disclaimers: Long OHI; I am not a financial professional. Information listed in this post does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. It is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Equities can increase or decrease in value, and losses up to and including all money invested can occur. Consult with a licensed professional before making an investment decisions. 

8 thoughts on “November 2016 Passive Dividend Income

  1. It’s always nice to smash through a passive income amount. Compared to last year you are light years ahead. Just imagine keeping this pace for another 5 or ten years. I still have OHI on my watch list and the health REITs in general are looking a lot more attractive than a few months ago but they are still quite volatile. Thanks for sharing your recent update.

    • cp913 says:

      I’m definitely enjoying the growth. In a few years, I’m hoping to be up to three figures each month. I added to OHI since I got that dividend, but I think I’m going to stop adding for now.

  2. Very cool to see those numbers climbing! I recently added OHI to my portfolio, so can’t wait to start seeing those dividends next quarter. I wouldn’t mind adding T in the near future, if the value is there. I look forward to seeing your December totals.

    • cp913 says:

      I actually sold out of my T. It was in a taxable account. I may buy it back in my tax-deferred account before too long. I’ve bought all the OHI that I plan to have for a while. Trying to diversify companies to get more income streams. Thanks for visiting.

    • cp913 says:

      I’ve looked into some ETFs that would more quickly diversify. However, I’m wanting to get more income to reinvest, and indexes don’t really seem to pay out as much.

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