Online Side Hustle Income From July 2017

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The following post includes affiliate links. Should you sign up using one of my links, I may be compensated. You’ll earn the same benefits without my links, but I appreciate any support that you choose to give.  The month of July is now past, and I spent some time in Europe during the month. I also spent some time trying to earn some online side hustle income and had some decent success in spite of doing very little work during my time in Europe.

Why Earn Side Hustle Income?

online side hustle income
How I earned $300+ in online side hustle income in July!

You might be wondering whether starting some side hustles would be worth the effort. Why start a side hustle? Currently, you might have enough to pay your bills and save a bit. That’s great, but you can still earn money from hustling on the side. Some of the money might even be pretty passive.

I’m currently using my side hustle income to pay down some debt and invest for the future. I could probably survive with only my current income, but my life would be very bare-bones, and it would take me many years to pay off debt with little extra saving for retirement. Instead, with my side hustle income, I can use the extra money to improve my finances more quickly than I otherwise could.

I decided several years ago that earning money online was preferable to earning it from a second job. I worked two jobs for a while back in my single days, and I was hardly ever home. With a wife and kids, that’s not a great idea.

I can make some money online after the kids go to sleep. I can also earn some of it while watching TV with them or a football game by myself. There are tons of ways that you can earn money online in your spare time. Some of them pay a few cents with little thought; others can pay between $20 and $30 an hour.

Online Side Hustle Income For July 2017

Here are the ways that I earned money online in July:

This income added up to $327.19 for the month. This was about $15 more than I earned in June, and I was on the road for much of the month so I’m pretty happy with it. My freelance writing comes from some writing on Textbroker and some articles I’ve written for Seeking Alpha. I could ramp this up a bit if I needed to.

I must also inform you that my income from Swagbucks includes some money that I’d let accumulate in this account during May and June. Otherwise, my June income would have been about $50 more and this report would be $50 less. Swagbucks is my favorite online survey site that I use for searching the web, watching videos and answering surveys. I’ve done a review of Swabucks here, and I definitely recommend it.

I noted my new strategy for using my online side hustle income in June. By the end of July, I’d paid an additional $105 toward my debt. from what I’d reported in June. I’m hoping to put some more toward this debt to get it paid off in short order. After the $89 annual fee posted and a $5 payment I made today, it’s now sitting at $8,404.

Blogging Can Help With Side Hustle Income!

Some of the income that I’m able to make comes via this blog. Some is referral income, and some is from advertising that builds up over time. If you’re looking to start earning additional income from affiliates and referrals, a blog of your own is the way to go.

There are some free blogging platforms, but I was never able make much money from a free Blogger blog. Getting a self-hosted blog can really help with your reach. One of the top blog platforms is WordPress, and WordPress recommends Bluehost as a hosting agency. You can sign up to start your own blog with Bluehost here.

Some Reviews You Might Find Helpful

If you’re looking to make some income on the side with sites that allow you to make a few bucks (or a few hundred bucks) each month, here are some reviews that I’ve posted on this site that might help you.

  1. EarnHoney Review
  2. Swagbucks Review
  3. GiftHulk Review
  4. CashCrate Review

Obviously, I was able to make a few hundred dollars in July. This helped me toward my ultimate goals of paying off debt and investing for the future. I’m hoping that as my income goes up over time that I’ll be able to build up some passive income and become even more successful.

How did you earn extra money online during July? Do you have any other options that worked? Let me know in the comments.

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Disclaimer: This site has affiliate links. If you decide to sign up with one of these affiliate links, I may be compensated. I appreciate any support you might provide.

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