Earn Free Money: Ibotta App Review

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Just today, I redeemed another $20 through Ibotta (This is a referral link. I may be compensated). This is the third time that I’ve been able to redeem through the Ibotta app, and I’ve earned more than $65 overall in about three months. While I’ve not gotten rich by any means, getting $65 for doing pretty much what I’d do anyway is pretty cool. This review of Ibotta will hopefully show you how you can make money with the app.

If you sign up for Ibotta through my referral link, you can get a free $10 after making your first purchase (excluding “Any Item” rebates). You can literally buy a pack of gum, get a $0.25 rebate on it, and earn $10 for the trouble as long as the first purchase takes place within 7 days of your signing up. You’ll then be a little more than halfway to redeeming your rebates for some money.

The Ibotta app pays off.
Here’s the basic concept for Ibotta.

What Is The Ibotta App?

Simply put, the Ibotta app is a shopping app that offers users rebates for making purchases. I signed up via another blogger’s referral link, and started by buying strawberry milk mix for my kids. This purchase gave me a $1 rebate and then triggered the $10 sing-up bonus. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to start redeeming on the app:

  1. Sign up for the Ibotta program and set up your account
  2. Download the Ibotta app from the Google or Apple app store
  3. Sign in with the account information (email and password) that you gave for Step 1
  4. Look for rebates at your favorite brick-and-mortar or online retailers (you might have to watch a short video or answer a survey question to do so). Once the rebate shows a green check mark, you’re good to go.
  5. Make the purchase on your next trip to Wal-Mart or another retailer
  6. Scan your receipt. The Ibotta app itself will take a picture of your entire receipt or a QR code that’s found at the bottom of the receipt in the case of Wal-Mart. You can also link your loyalty cards for some retailers and skip this process.
  7. Scan the UPC code for most of the items you’ll want to redeem. You don’t have to do this step for the any item rebates.
  8. Wait for the app to verify the purchase. The rebate will  show up in your account within a day or so (usually quicker).
  9. Cash out with PayPal or Venmo when you reach $20 (or redeem for a gift card to leading retailers or restaurants).

That’s it. It’s a pretty simple process that probably takes less than an hour overall to cash out for $20 or more.

Why Should You Get The Ibotta App?

Well, in one word, the answer would be…money! Everybody has to eat, and unless you starred on Duck Dynasty, you’re probably going to go to Wal-Mart or some local grocery store. Dollar General, Love’s Travel Center, and Casey’s are also retailers that you can use to redeem rebates. Since you have to eat or get gas, you might as well get some money back for the trouble.

Additionally, you can actually stack your Ibotta rebates with manufacturer’s or store coupons. This allows you to basically double dip and stack rebates when using the Ibotta app. You can effectively multiply your savings this way.

Additionally, there are some rebates that come just from buying literally anything. I’ve redeemed several $0.25 rebates for “Any Item.” Additionally, there will sometimes be rebates for any brand of white milk, bananas, and other staples. Keep in mind that these rebates will not qualify you for the $10 signup bonus that I noted above. You have to buy an item from a specified manufacturer for this bonus.

The Final Verdict

While you’re probably not going to get rich with it, the Ibotta app is definitely worth it! You can earn money in pajamas (because I’ve seen people shopping in their pajamas in public–although I don’t do it, nor do I really recommend it).

Again, you can sign up for Ibotta here. I’ve already earned $65 by shopping and watching out for bonuses that you can earn through Ibotta. I even have friends who have redeemed more than $200. They are on my “team”, and there are some team bonuses that can kick in and supercharge your earnings.

If you’d like to find some other ways to make money online, you can check some out on my page that gives several ways to make money online without spending a penny.

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