Passive Dividend Income–August 2017

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This site includes affiliate links. Please note that I may be compensated should you sign up for these programs. The month of August is not quite over, but the number of companies paying me passive dividend income is. One of my favorite options for earning passive income is dividends.

Of course, I have to work for the capital to invest, but the dividends come without any additional work on my part. They also provide more capital. I can then invest that additional capital to get even more passive dividend income. It’s a great cycle to say the least.

Passive Dividend Income Builds Up Slowly But Surely
My dividends continue to build slowly, but surely.

I started this blog with the title “Earn Money In Pajamas” because I wanted to earn money from home in my recliner. Dividends are the ultimate option for earning money in pajamas. The companies I own make money 24/7/365. Most of them pay me on a quarterly basis from the profits that they make. That’s an awesome concept that I really dig.

July was a low month when it came to dividend income, but August was much better. Two of my biggest payers provide me with income in the second month of each quarter. Without making you wait any longer, here it is:

My Passive Dividend Income For August 2017

Traditional IRA

AT & T (T)                                                                                  $24.50
Realty Income Corp. (O)                                                       $5.29
Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)                              $32.00


JP Morgan Equity Income R5 (OIERX)                           $3.41

TOTAL DIVIDENDS FOR August 2017:                          $65.20

This was just short of my record divided income in one month, which was set last December. This $65.20 was an increase of more than $21 in just three short months. This effectively is a whole hour of freedom when compared with my income from May. As I’ve noted before, I figure that I need $20 an hour to replace the benefit of an hour of my working income.

My first dividend report came exactly two years ago. In August 2015, I earned a whopping $0.64. I just made more than 100 times that two years later. While $65 and some change is not a huge sum, it’s way bigger than literally just some change. In 2015, my passive dividend income couldn’t have even paid for a pack of gum. Now I could eat out two or three times, depending on where I decide to eat.

My dividend income for August now brings my annual total up to $287.17, which is more than I earned all of last year. And I still have four months to go. I’ve updated my monthly passive dividend income page to reflect this new income.

Passive Dividend Income And Freedom

One of the things that I like the best about dividend income is the freedom that it could eventually provide. Should I ever get to the point that I could live off of dividend income, I’d officially have financial independence. I’m a long way away from that, but it’s a goal that I can shoot for.

With all of my purchases from August added in, my passive dividend income for the next 12 months should come in at $461.82. This would provide me with slightly more than 23 hours of freedom on an annual basis, which is slightly less than 2 hours a month.

This $461.82 should come in without any additional purchases and without any dividend raises. This is a very unlikely scenario. A dividend cut would actually be more likely even though I have companies that I believe will be around and making money for the long haul.

My dividend income for the month of August 2016 was only $13.29; therefore, I increased that total by more than $50 in just a year. While is not likely to continue over the long haul, it’s setting the foundation for where 10 percent increases will be more than the $50 year-over-year increase I just experienced. That’s pretty exciting to think about.

How did you passive dividend income measure up in August? Let me know in the comments.

If you’d like to keep up with my progress, be sure to sign up for updates in the email signup box near the top of the page or via the popup that asks you to sign up. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional financial advisor. I intend this information for informational and educational purposes only. Perform due diligence before investing in any equities. See my disclosures page for more information. I’m long O, T, OHI and OIERX.


10 thoughts on “Passive Dividend Income–August 2017

  1. Hey EMP,

    just came across your blog – congrats on the dividends for August. That are some really solid companies which paid you. I hold all of them in my portfolio too. And a dividend income of 460$ for the next 12 months is a number to build on. Keep it up!

    Best Regards,

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for the visit. I’m thinking once I get to $1,000 or more for the year, I’ll really see the power of dividend increases and compounding start to kick in.

    • cp913 says:


      The middle month seems to be my best frequently. It has both OHI and T, which are some pretty high yielders. I should get a record in December if all holds as it has.

  2. I love the picture here. You have all the investors chasing the tech stocks that aren’t profitable or at something like a 200 P/E. Then you have the DGI guys with the slow and steady companies.

    It is the tortoise and the hare! We all know who won that race.

    See you at the finish line… when we get there! 🙂

    • cp913 says:

      I’m sure I own some tech stocks in my small portion of the VTI ETF, but I bought this ETF primarily for the income and growth. I lost money on a techy stock back in the early ’00s. Learned my lesson.

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