Saving Money on Disney Tickets

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Disney tickets are expensive. Wait…that’s not right…Disney tickets are VERY expensive. That’s better. Saving money on Disney tickets is a challenge for sure.

I love going to Disney parks. I never went as a kid and never went until my own kids were old enough to remember it. I’ve since visited Disneyland in California and Disneyland Paris. They are pretty expensive jaunts, though. There are ways to save money on the US parks, though.

Chase has a co-branded Disney card that can help users save some money on tickets, but this is probably not the most lucrative credit card signup bonuses that Disney lovers can score. It does come with at $200 bonus after spending $500 within the first three months of holding the card. (Please note that this site has affiliate links. If you use these links to sign up, I may receive compensation.) 

The Chase Freedom card offers a $150 bonus after meeting the same spending requirement, but it’s much more flexible.  Of course, if you’ve not signed up for five cards in the last 24 months, you could get both.

If you’re active on the site Swagbucks, you could use your earnings from searching the web, answering surveys, and watching videos toward saving money on Disneyland Tickets. I recently reviewed the process of using Swagbucks to purchase Disneyland tickets. Keep in mind that this only works at the California park. It does not work if you’re looking to go to Disney World in Florida or one of the resorts abroad.

Saving Money on Disney Tickets at Sam’s Club

One way that it’s possible to save money on Disney tickets come from buying gift cards from Sam’s Club. I’ve seen a couple of different options in this regard. The first is a package of three $50 gift cards for $144.98. The second is a $500 gift card for $479.98.

Saving money on Disney tickets at Sam's Club
Saving money on Disney tickets at Sam’s Club


The first option in the picture above is a discount of 3.3 percent off the purchase price. The second option for saving money on Disney tickets from Sam’s Club gives a 4 percent discount. These are not massive discounts, but they add up.

You could stack these discounts even further. The Disney Rewards card mentioned above gives one point per dollar spent at Sam’s. This would effectively bring the discount up to 4.3  or 5 percent.

The Chase Freedom would generally add one point (one percent) to the discounts that the gift cards from Sam’s Club get.  But there could be a twist on this. The Freedom has a rotating bonus that gives 5 percent cash back on certain purchases each quarter. Sometimes, Sam’s Club purchases show up as one of the merchants that provide a 5 percent bonus. It’s not been the case in 2017, but it was possible to get this hefty discount for most of 2016.

Utilizing the Chase Freedom if Sam’s ever shows up as an option for the 5 percent cash back bonus, you could save between 8 and 9 percent. This is one great strategy for saving money on Disney tickets. Stacking the discounts can really pay off to be sure.

Have you every visited a Disney Park? What strategies have you used to save money on the visit? Let me know in the comments.

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