November 2017 Passive Dividend Income

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Building up passive dividend income slowly but surely

Today was the last day of the month. Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas and the end of the year are just a few mere weeks away. It’s now time to look into the passive dividend income that my investments brought in during November. The end of the month is one of my favorite times of the month for this very reason.

Surprisingly, the second month of each quarter is a usually good month for me when it comes to dividend income. It rivals the third quarter and sometimes outpaces it. November was no different. My current investment holdings that pay dividends include eight individual companies and three funds.

I like investing in companies that pay dividends because the dividends make it less likely that I will lose money on a given investment. They provide me with a margin for error. Also, these dividends will provide income when it comes time to retire in a couple of decades.

Also, these companies make sales around the country, and some of them have foreign sales. They have workers who put in effort each and every day to bring profits and dividends my way. The funds that I hold generally include companies that have domestic and foreign sales.

I literally earn money in pajamas, as these companies that operate around the world obviously make sales and profits while I’m in bed asleep. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. Passive dividend income is my favorite type of income.

Passive Dividend Income for November 2017

Four separate companies and one fund paid me in November. Some of these companies are among my largest holdings, so the dividend income was quite a bit more than it was in October. Here is the passive dividend income that I received in November:

AT & T (T)                                                                                        $24.50
Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT))                              $8.56
Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI)                                 $32.50
Realty Income Corp (O)                                                             $5.30

Total for Traditional IRA                                                         $70.86

JP Morgan Equity Income R5 (OIERX)                             $3.24

Total Passive Dividend Income for November:    $74.10

This was nearly $9.00 more than the dividend income that I received in August 2017. Most of this was a result of the addition of Tanger Factory Outlet Centers to my portfolio. I also had raises from Omega Healthcare Investors and Realty Income Corp.

When looking at this dividend income in relation to my dividend income from a year ago, I earned only $25.31 last year. This means that I nearly tripled my dividend income in just one year. That’s pretty exciting, if you ask me. Furthermore, I’m now up to $419.51 in overall dividend income for 2017. With a month to go in the year, I’m now  more than $150 ahead of the dividend income that I earned for all of 2016.

I’m also up to $564.04 in estimated dividend income for the next 12 months. This does not include any dividend income that I might get from a 401k plan that is still invested (the source of the $3.24 income in the list above. This would buy me slightly above 28 hours of “freedom” over the course of a year when estimating a need of $20/hour to maintain my standard of living.

How was your dividend income in November?

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    • cp913 says:

      I’m perfectly fine with dividend increases keeping up with inflation or going above it. My last batch of AT & T had a yield of about 6%. I bought it under $33. Should’ve waited to get it all at that level.

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