How I Made Nearly $700 From Online Side Hustles in December 2017

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December has come and gone, as has 2017. We’re now about a week into the new year, and it’s a good time to look back at how I earned money from my online side hustles during the past month.income from online side hustles December 2017

I started looking into ways to make money online a few years ago after the birth of my first child. My wife decided to be a stay-at-home mom, and I decided that I needed to bring home a little more bacon to make ends meet.

When I started grad school a couple of years later, the importance of supplementing my income online became even more clear. I was not able to finish up my time in grad school without any debt, and I’m working at paying it off with my online side hustles today.  I hate debt, and I’m pretty motivated to pay it down more quickly. This is where my side hustles come in handy.

This is really how I earn money in pajamas. I make this money without leaving the house. If I could theoretically build up my passive income from dividends and my income from online side hustles to a large enough level, it could theoretically allow my to work from home full-time. This is a long way away, however.

Why Track Income from My Online Side Hustles?

You might wonder why I track where my side hustle income comes from. I want to show that you can earn from online efforts. I also want to show that some of the income rolls my way pretty easily.

My hope is that my earnings are a motivation that can help you take control of your own personal finances. If I can do it, you can do at least some of it as well. Some of the freelance writing takes a bit more effort and skill, but much of my online side hustle income rolls in with some pretty mindless activity on my part.

For example, before I started writing this post, I earned a few cents by clicking through some activities on Swagbucks. These are pretty mindless, but they add a few cents toward my overall financial health. I would not earn them if I was like most people.

You should try to work in your spare time like this. It can help you build wealth over time. Teens as young as 13 can utilize some of the options that I’ve used over the past few years.

Where My Online Income Came From in December

You might be wondering where my online income came from in the month of December 2017. Here are the methods that I used to earn some income in my spare time during December (some of the links are affiliate links. I could be compensate if you sign up with my links). Please note that I had some carryover income from November that got paid in December. This made my December earnings higher and my November earnings ($155.06) a bit lower:

Freelance Writing: $549.45
Swagbucks: $85.00
Earnably: $1.00
EarnHoney: $20.50
GiftHulk: $5.00
Ibotta: $20.00 (Sign up with my link at get $10 after your first purchase with the app.)
Amazon: $2.10 Page views and sales of my eBook — you can read this for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription

Total income from my online side hustles in December came in at a whopping $683.05. I’m pretty happy with that much money to say the least. If I can keep it up over the next year, my debt from grad school could theoretically be gone. Of course, I’m putting some of that money into an investment account to save for the future. Still, how would nearly $700 help your budget?

I hope that this shows that it can be done. Even with stuff that requires little thinking, I still would have added more than $100 to my income in December. That’s nothing to sneeze at, for sure. Keep in mind that the title of this blog is Earn Money In Pajamas. I made all of this income without leaving the house, with the exception of Ibotta, but this site pays me rebates for stuff I buy anyway.


Can You Make Money Online?

Absolutely. Your ability to earn money online is limited by the time that you have available each week and the imagination that you might have to market some opportunities to others. Setting up your own blog can be a great way to share these opportunities that can help people out. You can also start to earn affiliate income of your own.

WordPress recommends BlueHost, which is one of the top options for self-hosted bloggers. I’ve started a blog with BlueHost, and it literally took 5 minutes after choosing a domain name. You can sign up for BlueHost by clicking the banner below if you’re interested in getting a self-hosted blog.

Remember, I started out making absolutely nothing online. I’ve now built up to where I’m making nearly $5,000 a year in my spare time. This can definitely grow over time.

Reviews Of Money-Making Sites

Here are a couple of reviews that might help you decide which sites might work for you:

Earn Cash and Rewards with Swagbucks
Swagbucks is my favorite site to use to earn money. If nothing else, you can make money from searching the web.

Earning Money In Pajamas With GiftHulk

My Ibotta App Review
I use this when I go shopping. Again, you can earn $10 for signing up with my link and getting your first rebate within a week. With cashouts starting at $20, you’d be more than halfway to redeeming for some PayPal cash!

How did you earn extra money online during December? Do you have any other options that worked? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to check them out!

Keep Up With My Progress

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Disclaimer: This site has affiliate links. If you decide to sign up with one of these affiliate links, I may be compensated. I appreciate any support you might provide.

6 thoughts on “How I Made Nearly $700 From Online Side Hustles in December 2017

    • cp913 says:

      Thanks for visiting. Feel free to ask any questions. I see that you use Swagbucks. I’ve made quite a bit from that platform (more than $2,000) in the past five years or so.

    • cp913 says:

      I’ve just searched for online writing gigs and then read reviews on the ones that interested me/the ones I thought might pay off. I then signed up if they looked legit. Textbroker has paid off quite a bit.

  1. Nice income. Love it. I cannot seem to make much with Swagbucks. Even after spending hours watching videos … pay is really low. How do you make money from Swagbucks? 85$ is really a good amount.

    • cp913 says:

      I use the site pretty extensively when I’m vegging. I also have some referral income from the site. It adds up to a few hundred a year.

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