January 2018 Online Earnings

May and June Earnings Report

I’ve been keeping up with monthly earnings reports for the past year and a half on this site, but alas, I have dropped the ball over the past month. Last month, I was away from home more than I was home, and my busyness kept me from posting a monthly report. Therefore, I’ve decided to combine the past two months into a single report that covers May and June. In case you haven’t read my previous updates, I’d earned $2,201.51 over the first four months of the year as I worked toward my ultimate goal of $450 a month ($5,400 for the year.)

So, here are my earnings from the past two months combined:

Swagbucks: $50.00

Cashcrate: $86.85

Hubpages: $54.30

Qmee: $1.62

Bubblews: $50.07

Freelance Writing: $460.60

TOTAL from May and June: $703.44

Total earnings for the first half of 2014: $2,904.95. I am nearly 54% of the way toward my goal of $5,400 in online earnings over the course of this year. I would point out that I’ve written about Bing Rewards on this site before. I continue to use this site, earning around 26 points per day through easy searches. I’ve been using the earnings for Swagbucks that can be transferred into PayPal cash and frequent flyer miles to keep my accounts current so that I don’t lose any miles. You won’t get rich on Bing Rewards or Swagbucks quickly, but they can definitely add a few bucks to your monthly income.  My hope is to make a few more bucks on here for July than the past few months to get ever closer to proving that I could fully fund an IRA on side Internet work. Summer is still in full swing, so find out how to earn some money on the side during summer here.

January 2018 Online Earnings

September Earnings Report

My earning money in pajamas in September were down a bit over what they had been in August and the rest of the summer months. I’ve started a new full-time job, so some of the time that I spent on blogging and writing during the summer has not been as frequent during the fall thus far. This does not mean that I have done nothing, just that I’ve not done as much in terms of trying to make money online.

I still have my goal of earning $5,000 online using a variety of online earning methods. I began the month of September with a total of $3,754.48, which left me just over $1,245 short of my ultimate goal. That adds up to just under $300 of online earnings per month. Considering that I’ve earned over $450 per month to this point, it is definitely within the realm of possibility. So, without further ado, here is the money I earned in pajamas over the month of September:

Freelance writing: $49.32

CashCrate: $24.18

HubPages: $68.11

Bubblews: $25.17

These numbers bring my total earnings for September to $166.78.

When added to my earnings through August, I now have earned $3,921.26, just over $1,078 short of my goal of earning $5,000 for the year. I’ve already been able to exceed my earnings from freelance writing during October, so it is possible that my earnings will be similar. I’m hoping to get to the $5,000 by the end of the year. I will be sure to keep up with these reports of how much money I’m earning in pajamas.

January 2018 Online Earnings

July Earnings Report

I’ve been working online for the past few months working toward a goal of $5,000 for the year. Much like June, July was a pretty good month when it came to my online earnings. Most was active income, but some of my income was actually extremely passive (i.e., I did no additional work to earn it). That’s the best form of income, in my opinion. Coming into the month, I was up to $2,373.93 for the first six months of the year. I earned some additional funds in July that will bring that total up. Here were my earning streams for July:

Bubblews: $25.16

HubPages: $52.34

CashCrate: $202.57

Freelance Writing: $642.79

This brings my online earnings for July 2013 to a whopping $922.86. If I were to earn this every month, that would be around $11,000 for the year, and when added to my regular job, that would be a great supplement to my income. Of course, as someone in education, the summer is the period that I can actually spend more time working online, so earnings might drop. I can hope that passive income starts to snowball and add up over time.

When added to my previous earnings this year, my July’s earnings bring my annual total up to $3,296.79, just a bit over $1,700 from meeting my goal of $5,000 in my spare time for 2013. This is definitely within reach based upon what I’ve been able to earn throughout the year to this point. Do any of you have a similar goal? How is it coming? Making money online is not easy, but it can be done, and it can bring in a decent amount of income for those who work at it.

January 2018 Online Earnings

Making Money from Home–June Earnings Report

As a teacher, my regular workload can slow down quite a bit over the summer, so I have more of an opportunity to make money online. I ended May with $1,464.46 in online earnings for the year. This was just under $300 per month. My goal for the year is to earn $5,000. June was a busy month for me, and I was able to pick up the online earnings. Here are my various methods of making money online for June 2013:

Freelance Writing: $512.83

HubPages: $54.45

Bubblews: $25.60

CashCrate: $309.06

MTurk: $7.53

My total of all online earnings for June was $909.47. When added to my previous total of $1,464.46, I have now made $2,373.93 through various online venues this year. I am nearly half-way to my goal, and I am just one-half into the year. Much of this work was active income, but some of it was actually a result of passive income. My goal is to get several hundred per month in passive income built up over time. Earning money online can take time, but it can be done. Those who are out of work can find ways to make a few bucks. Teenagers with time on their hands can make money online as well.


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January 2018 Online Earnings

Earning Money Online–May Earnings

The first post of the month, as always deals with my monthly earnings. I’ve set a goal of earning $5,000 online via various methods this year. I think the goal is achievable with a little hard work. Through April, I had earned a total of $913.13, which was an average of over $200 per month. May was a better month in terms of online earnings.

In May, I had the following earnings via online methods:

Freelance Writing: $387.19

Hubpages: $77.41

CashCrate: $81.93

MTurk: $4.80

Total online earnings for May 2013: $551.33

After adding the $913.13 that I’ve earned prior to this month, my total earnings for the year are up to $1,464.46, just over $3,500 short of the ultimate goal.

This was a record for online earnings for a month. I am hoping to eclipse it over the next few months. The goal is to start out with small numbers and then have them snowball over time into some really serious money. The best way to make real money is through passive income. These sources would be sources that continue to pay out over time with minimal work. Of course, there is some hard work necessary in the initial days and months of earning money online.

The next monthly earning results will be posted in the first half of next month. Hopefully, these earnings can inspire others to earn some extra money on the web.


January 2018 Online Earnings

HubPages Review

This month’s review is of the online writing platform HubPages. I have actually done quite a bit of work on this site over the past year or so. I’ve also earned a bit of money (some of it while sleeping–the definition of passive income) in the process.  This article will explain 1) what HubPages is, 2) how to write an article (Hub) on HubPages, 3) how to make money on the site, and 4) the benefits of the HubPages Apprenticeship program. 

What Is HubPages?

HubPages is a great site for aspiring writers to get their feet wet in the world of online writing. The barrier to entry is quite low, but those Hubs (webpages) that are poorly written or on a topic that is not of interest to anyone will not do well because it will get no traffic from the HubPages community or from Google and the other search engines.


It is easy to make an attractive webpage with no html or other coding experience, as the tools utilized by HubPages make it easy to set up a page by using a variety of modules. To avoid having a substandard hub, the site recommends that users post articles that are at least 500 words. It actually seems that articles of 1,500 words do best, but my best article has around 900 words (and over 6,000 page views).

Users can also insert pictures, videos, charts, maps, and polls that can help users interact even more. The site is a web 2.0 site, so it encourages interaction between both site users and visitors. There is a pretty active community that is quick to help in most instances.

How Do You Write a Hub?

The first thing that a person needs to do to write on HubPages is actually sign up on HubPages. After getting an account, it’s easy to start writing by clicking the link to “Start a New Hub” on the top right corner of the page. From there, users can go in and choose a title, set it within a set topic that will let HubPages users who are interested in the topic know that a new article is posted, and then move to the actual writing stage.

It is best to break up the actual Hub into several different modules for ease of reading. Also, it is good to use a variety of modules to make the Hub visually appealing. It is recommended that users place images in each Hub, preferably pictures taken personally.

How Do You Make Money on HubPages?

Making money on HubPages will probably not start immediately. Users will first have to get a Google AdSense account. While people used to be able to get one of these without any writing experience, now Google has clamped down a bit. It does seem that most people can get approved after writing a few articles, however.

HubPages splits revenue 60/40 with their users. 60 percent of all page impressions from a Hub sees the revenue go to the user. 40 percent goes to HubPages. Therefore, if Adsense is paying $0.10 per 1000 impressions, the user would likely get around $0.06 of that.

Do not rely only on AdSense, though. HubPages has their own ad program. Most users are able to do much better by using the HubPages ad program. I personally saw more money in one month after signing up for the ad program than I did in three months using only AdSense. The payout per impression is way higher with the ad program for most people.

Additionally, users can use modules that sell items from Amazon.com or eBay. Amazon users should first sign up for the Amazon Associates program so that they can get paid in this manner. Those who write product reviews will probably do better on selling Amazon products than someone writing on Jain philosophy or Aboriginal history. eBay pays out per click on their links. The amount varies based upon the product for sale. Users can use the Amazon modules without an AdSense account, while the eBay program requires signing up for Adsense.

Use the Apprenticeship Program to Maximize Earnings

One of the best ways to earn money on HubPages is through the Apprenticeship program. This program only takes people who have shown promise on the site or on their own blog or website. It actually goes through the process of what it takes to make a good hub by using keyword research and SEO methods. It also pays $6.09 per hub as long as the hub meets the requirements of the program.

The program lasts six months, and apprentices can get paid for up to 15 hubs per month, which is a payment of around $90. The minimum amount needed for payout is $50, so those who meet the minimum requirement of 8 hubs per month can get really close, even without much initial traffic. Additionally, the program allows graduates to continue getting the $6.09 bonus for six additional months as long as they write at least four hubs per month. Those who write the maximum each month will make around $1,000 in a year.

Additionally, some of those hubs will get page views. A few might even get quite a few page views. These views will earn money for the writer, so this program is a great way to make some money. As long as the site remains in business, the hubs will continue to make money for the author. Theoretically, an evergreen article (something that doesn’t need constant updating, yet remains relevant) will be able to make money 10 years into the future. This is a good example of passive income–the best kind of income.

Those who want to get started on this wonderful writing platform should sign up for HubPages today. Of course, earnings and success will vary. I will disclose that I will get a referral benefit should you choose to use my link (10% of the page impressions, which does not come out of your income). I thank you if you choose to do so.