Monthly Passive Dividend Earnings

Annual Dividend Income
Annual Dividend Income

Here is my log of monthly passive dividend earnings. I work to make money. I then use some of my money to invest in stocks that pay dividends each month. These dividends are truly passive income that I earn while wearing pajamas, shorts, jeans, or dress pants. The companies have employees that work for me 24 hours each day of the year (with the possible exception of Christmas). As I’ve noted before on here, passive income is the best income.  So, without any further ado, here are my monthly dividend income reports:


January: $11.63
February: $36.56
March: $42.16
April: $14.96
May: $44.10
June: $57.23

TOTAL for 2017: $206.64


January: $4.48
February: $6.27
March: $13.62
April: $8.90
May: $9.18
June: $18.82
July: $8.50
August: $13.29
September: $18.87
October: $14.24
November: $25.31
December $67.66

Total for 2016: $241.61*

*Total for 2016 includes $81.57 in 401(k) dividends that were not included in the total until December.


August: $0.64
September: $1.98
October: $3.21
November: $5.41
December: $9.67

Total for 2015: $20.91