SwagBucks Summer Camp

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Making Money from Home–June Earnings Report

As a teacher, my regular workload can slow down quite a bit over the summer, so I have more of an opportunity to make money online. I ended May with $1,464.46 in online earnings for the year. This was just under $300 per month. My goal for the year is to earn $5,000. June was a busy month for me, and I was able to pick up the online earnings. Here are my various methods of making money online for June 2013:

Freelance Writing: $512.83

HubPages: $54.45

Bubblews: $25.60

CashCrate: $309.06

MTurk: $7.53

My total of all online earnings for June was $909.47. When added to my previous total of $1,464.46, I have now made $2,373.93 through various online venues this year. I am nearly half-way to my goal, and I am just one-half into the year. Much of this work was active income, but some of it was actually a result of passive income. My goal is to get several hundred per month in passive income built up over time. Earning money online can take time, but it can be done. Those who are out of work can find ways to make a few bucks. Teenagers with time on their hands can make money online as well.


This month, those who sign up as my referral for the search and win site SwagBucks will be entered into a $100 e-gift card giveaway. The winner will get to choose from one of the $100 gift cards available on the site. SwagBucks is going to choose one lucky winner from all of my referrals past and present who can earn at least 100 SwagBucks (in addition to any bonuses). If you sign up and put earnmoney70 into the “I have a code” box, you will get an additional 70 SwagBucks that will get you closer to a $5 e-gift card. You can sign up for SwagBucks here.

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$100 Swagbucks Givaway for July

I hope everyone is having a good week. Swagbucks is offering a free $100 e-gift card that is available in the Swagbucks store to one lucky reader of this blog. The gift card is the winners choice from any of the $100 cards on the site, and some of the great options include cards to Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Marriott,Amazon and even $100 in PayPal cash.

How to Enter

Getting into this promotion is easy. Any person who has ever signed up as my referral will be entered into the drawing as long as they have earned 100 Swagbucks–ever. The bucks can come from anywhere other than signups and bonuses. That means searches and other paid activities on the site will go toward the 100 Swagbucks minimum. Swagbucks will randomly choose one winner from all those who meet the entry criteria.

How Long Does the Contest Run

This contest will run all through the month of July, so there is plenty of time to get to the 100 Swagbucks limit. Additionally, those who sign up using my referral link will automatically get 30 Swagbucks, but by putting earnmoney70 into the “I have a code” slot while signing up will get 70 bonus bucks that are not normally available to the general public. This codes is available for the whole month of July 2013. These earnings are not applicable to the contest, but they will get you a good start to a $5 e-gift card to one of a number of vendors. Search away to get your chance to win $100.

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Disclosure: I will earn up to 1,000 Swagbucks as a match for any bucks you earn from searches only. I thank you for your support. Good luck in the contest.



Earning Money Online–May Earnings

The first post of the month, as always deals with my monthly earnings. I’ve set a goal of earning $5,000 online via various methods this year. I think the goal is achievable with a little hard work. Through April, I had earned a total of $913.13, which was an average of over $200 per month. May was a better month in terms of online earnings.

In May, I had the following earnings via online methods:

Freelance Writing: $387.19

Hubpages: $77.41

CashCrate: $81.93

MTurk: $4.80

Total online earnings for May 2013: $551.33

After adding the $913.13 that I’ve earned prior to this month, my total earnings for the year are up to $1,464.46, just over $3,500 short of the ultimate goal.

This was a record for online earnings for a month. I am hoping to eclipse it over the next few months. The goal is to start out with small numbers and then have them snowball over time into some really serious money. The best way to make real money is through passive income. These sources would be sources that continue to pay out over time with minimal work. Of course, there is some hard work necessary in the initial days and months of earning money online.

The next monthly earning results will be posted in the first half of next month. Hopefully, these earnings can inspire others to earn some extra money on the web.



Earn Money from Home to Pay off Debt

Debt is a serious problem in the United States. The national debt is now around $20 trillion (that is 20 and 12 zeroes behind it). College students can borrow up to six figures to earn a degree. This is a very big deal for new college students, because they graduate with a ton of debt that hampers their ability to get ahead in life. Earning some extra money in spare time can help toward paying off debts and help debtors start to get ahead in their finances.

Debt Can Cause Stress
Debt can cause stress!

Debt That’s Not Bad

Some debt can be necessary or even advisable. Few people will be able to buy a house with cash, for example. Additionally, a home mortgage makes quite a bit of sense in many parts of the country because the monthly expense incurred in buying a decent starter home can cost much less than the monthly rent payment. Buyers can recoup much of the money pay into a mortgage, but they only enrich others by renting. Borrowing a little bit to get a degree in engineering or nursing might make sense because of the increased income possibilities that will be available after earning the degree.

Bad Debt

There is debt that is pretty useless, however. Buying a Starbucks coffee on credit is not the best financial move by any stretch of the imagination. Rather than paying $5, the cost might wind up being double when the interest involved in paying off the card is added in. A $10 cup of coffee would have to be very, very good to justify the expense.

In thinking of biblical finances, the Scriptures talk about debt and the crippling effect that it his on the lives of those who owe. Proverbs 22:7 (ESV) notes:

7 The rich rules over the poor,
and the borrower is the slave of the lender.

While many people think that people are poor because of some fault of their own, this is not necessarily the case. However, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who is poor that has power over any government nationwide. Poor people don’t tend to run major companies. This is not saying anything against the poor, it is just saying that they have less control over their lives.

Debt Literally Led To Slavery

In the day that the author wrote the proverb, the borrower could very well wind up a slave of the lender. Selling oneself into slavery to pay off a debt was fairly common in the ancient world. Debtor’s prisons were even common (for the poor) in early American history. Those who owed money traditionally had several negative consequences that could come about. Today, there is the possibility of negative aspects of  bankruptcy, and filing for bankruptcy hurts the ability to get certain jobs and definitely hampers the ability to get credit in the future.

For these reasons, you should keep debt to a minimum.  Teens as young as 13 can take some of the tips offered on this site to start making some additional money to get a good start, and adults can start making a few bucks a day to help with monthly finances. Both those who want to pay off debt and those who want to stay out of debt can benefit by trying to earn money in pajamas from home in their spare time.

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Earn Money at Home with Treasure Trooper

Earning money in pajamas frequently requires using a variety of earning streams. Some will be very similar in some ways. One of the ways that I’ve used to earn money without leaving home over the past few weeks is the site Treasure Trooper. Treasure Trooper is much like CashCrate, which I’ve already reviewed here.

Treasure Trooper is a Get Paid To (GPT) site on which users can complete a number of cash offers or surveys that pay. Many of these are the same options that are available on CashCrate. One of the biggest differences is the email notifications that Treasure Trooper offers for surveys and offers that might be beneficial to certain users. Treasure Trooper

The image above shows that I have gotten paid by Treasure Trooper. They initially pay users with a check, and these checks can actually be requested at any time that members request it after they have at least $20 in their account. There is a $0.50 fee for requesting the automatic payout. Otherwise, the check will be sent after the 15th of the month in which the member earns $20.

Treasure Trooper also has a number of games that people can play. Therefore, users will earn Dragon Scales, Arrowheads, or other “Treasure” to finish these games. People can get dragon eggs and then hatch them, raise the dragons to maturity, and sell them for amounts that start around $5. I’ve not done much with these games, but I do have a dragon that needs touches.

Treasure Trooper is a fun site in some ways with the games and such, but I’ve been much more active on CashCrate because of the much better referral program. CashCrate offers users a greater percentage of their referrals’ earnings after certain levels are met. The games are more entertaining on Treasure Trooper, but it seems like more time is spent to earn money, in my opinion. I’ve used both and gotten paid by both, so they are definitely not scams. I can say without reservation that Treasure Trooper is not a scam, but rather a legitimate way to earn a few extra dollars from home.


Earning Money from Home–April Earnings Report

Back in January, as noted on this site, I set a goal to earn $5,000 via various online means without leaving home during 2013. We are now done with four months of the year. As of the end of March, I reported a total of $638 and some change for the first three months of the year. I actually understated this amount, because I forgot to include the money that I earned from HubPages during the month. These earnings will be included below.

I did pretty well on some accounts during the month of April, considering that I was finishing up a major project for grad school. My goal is to get passive income that starts to snowball over time. I seem to be making close a buck a day from work I’ve already done. The goal is to turn that into $2, then into $5, then into…you get the idea. Passive income is the best kind of income. But, I digress. Without further ado, this is what I was able to make over the course of April (please note that these earnings do not include accrued earnings that will be paid out later):

HubPages: $70.77

Squidoo: $1.43

Freelance Writing: $127.91

Swagbucks: $50

Treasure Trooper: $20.71

MTurk: $4.03

My total earnings for the month totaled $274.85. This brings my total earnings for the year up to $913.13. With what I have already earned this month, I’m already over $1,000. What kind of earnings goals have you set this year?



Swagbucks Pays Off

A few months ago, I posted a review of the site Swagbucks. I also posted that Swagbucks is a great option for teenagers to earn a bit of extra money. American teens who are at least 13 can sign up at any time. The site only works in the US, the UK, and Canada. I just wanted to verify my earlier assessment of this site. Those living in one of the countries listed above can sign up for Swagbucks here.

I spend about five minutes (if that) on the site on most days. The site offers random amounts of digital currency for searches. It is possible to get 20-30 Swagbucks per day just by searching the web. Each Swagbuck is worth about a cent. A cent might not seem like much (and it isn’t), but when cents are added up, they make up dollars.

I won over 20 Swagbucks with one search.
I won over 20 Swagbucks with one search. They add up to get gift cards quickly.

I have been saving up the Swagbucks for a bit. It is possible to cash in on e-gift cards for between 450 ( and 500 Swagbucks (just about everything else).  I decided to cash in at 5,000 Swagbucks. I was able to snag a $50 Walmart gift card. I chose Walmart because they actually allow you to use the certificate in the store. Target and most other retailers require you to use the e-gift card on online purchases.

Those who want straight up cash can sign up for a PayPal account and deposit the funds directly. They can then be transferred into a bank account. The cash can then be spent or saved in any manner that is desired. Swagbucks definitely pays off for those who want to make money in pajamas. Sign up for Swagbucks today by following this link.


Earning Money in Pajamas with MTurk

I will not earn a commission or referral fee if you sign up for MTurk.

In my series on making money online via various sites, I read about several people earning money through’s Mechanical Turk website, more commonly known as MTurk.

MTurk is effectively a site on which people all around the world can get paid to do certain tasks that people need done. These tasks are known as Human Intelligence Tasks, or HITs.

It is necessary for those wanting to use the site to first sign up for MTurk. The process is fairly short and simple. After signing up and getting account approval, you can then start working on tasks. There are usually somewhere between 150,000 and 400,000 tasks that can be chosen at any given time. Fork example, as I am writing this, there were 225,099 HITs available for site users.

The amount of money that each task pays out varies by quite a bit. Many will pay a cent or two, others will pay several dollars. The types of tasks that people can complete are as widely varied as taking surveys, recording information based upon Google searches, writing short articles or blog posts, or transcribing audio files. Most of the more lucrative options are of the transcription variety.

I decided to try out MTurk for a bit, doing a HIT here and there. Most were around $0.10 or $0.20. I earned $6.61, and decided to cash out. It is possible for users to cash out at any time after getting $1.00 in their account. The earnings can then be posted to either an gift card account or a bank account. I opted for depositing the funds into my Amazon account. They showed up immediately.

Is MTurking a great way to make a full-time income from home? Nope. The per hour pay is pretty low, and the marketplace is nearly global in scope because of the Internet. It is possible to do a hit during each commercial break or between pitches, however. These dollars can add up over time and help with bills or Christmas or birthday presents. I have seen some stories that show people making thousands on the MTurk site. I probably won’t, but, apparently, it is possible to do so.

MTurk is another in the plethora of possibilities when it comes to making money online. Those who want to earn money in pajamas without leaving the house are sure to find plenty of opportunity if they are willing to look for it and then work.


Earning Money in Pajamas–March Earnings

I’m doing a yearlong experiment in trying to make money in pajamas without leaving home. (I do have a more “regular” job, so this is not all of my income.) I’ve been making updates to my monthly online earnings for the past couple of months. As stated earlier in the year, I am attempting to earn $5,000 online this year. That adds up to just a little over $400 per month. Through February, I had earned $442.70. Here is a link to my last report.

I continued working toward my goal during March and did a bit better than January.

I did more work as a freelance writer and earned a total of $156.10 on the freelancing site I use.

I also did a bit of work at Amazon’s MTurk at cashed out $6.61. You can sign up at for MTurk to do micro work. (I do not get a referral credit if you do.)

Finally, I received a check from CashCrate for $32.87. (I get referral credit if you sign up using the link. If you do, I thank you.)

This brings my total online earnings for the month to a total of $195.58. My total online earnings for the year are now up to $638.28. Just over $4,300 to go to make my goal.