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These are resources that I’ve personally used in my personal finance journey. I do not recommend things that I would not use myself. I may earn a commission/referral fee should you purchase or sign up for any of the resources listed here. You can purchase pr sign up for them elsewhere, and I won’t get paid. You’d still get the same benefits. Of course, I’d appreciate it greatly if you choose to use my links.

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One of the classic works of personal finance, The Millionaire Next Door broke down many of the stereotypes related to what exactly millionaires look like.  Rather than being people who like to flaunt their wealth with fast cars and McMansions, most millionaires are just average folks who spend less than they make over time. Find out how they do it by reading about their accumulated stories.

Dave Ramsey is definitely one of the more popular personal finance gurus out there. He’s also one of the most controversial. While I don’t agree with everything that he advocates, such as never, ever holding a credit card, I do find much of his advice to be quite solid for getting out of debt and building up wealth over time.

Howard Dayton’s map of how you can achieve financial independence does a good job of discussing options for making sure that you’re able to work toward achieving more than one goal at a time.  This is one of the biggest areas that Your Money Map differs from Dave Ramsey’s plan for your personal finances.