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Hi! I’m Chris.

I am a teacher by day. When I began working on my latest degree with hopes of becoming a full-time professor, I took a huge pay cut. This got me looking into ways to make more money. I worked both fast food and retail several years ago and really did not want to go that route because took up lots of time and gave little in the way of financial remuneration. I then began looking around the web for ways to make money online. This site is dedicated to those ways to make money in pajamas fairly quickly without leaving home to do it. Some are easier than others. I hope that the site is beneficial for all who read.

I’ve recently started purchasing dividend stocks in addition to using some of the platforms that I frequently note on this site. My hope is that I’ll be able to build passive income over time so that I can cut back on working for money while my money works harder for me all while traveling the globe for a fraction of what most people would pay to do so. If you’d like to keep up with my journey, be sure to scroll to the top of the page and sign up for email updates. You can also follow me on my Twitter page.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is earnmoneyinpajamas at yahoo dot com. Use the @ and the .  where they are spelled out.

Some of my work has been featured on:

Seeking Alpha

Investment Hunting (Blogger Interview Series)

Beating Broke–4 Reasons Why Dividend Income Is The Best Passive Income

Carpe Travel–Four Great Reasons To Travel Internationally With Your Kids.



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