Thirteen Ways to Make Money Online without Spending a Penny

Who does not want to make money online? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of ways to earn money online. Many of the options that are on this page are methods that I’ve actually used myself and made money from.

Search and Win

One of the easiest ways to make a few bucks over the course of a year is by doing searches and watching short videos on a site like Swag Bucks. Everyone does Internet Searches, why not get paid to do it?

1. SwagBucks

This site pays people in virtual currency that can be turned in for e-gift cards from leading merchants. Getting straight up cash in a PayPal account is another option.

2. Microsoft Rewards

This site is pretty easy to sign up for, and you can earn enough each for an Amazon gift card or a number of other great rewards. There are other rewards that are pretty easy to access, as well.

Credit Card Signup Bonuses

Banks want to earn your business. To do so, they will frequently offer free money for signing up for one of their credit cards, savings, or checking accounts. While you’ll have to deposit money or spend a bit of money to earn the money, these bonuses can be worth it if you pay off your bill each month and pay out no interest or late fees. If you spend money that you’d already be spending anyway and avoid interest or late fees, you’re basically earning without spending an extra penny.

3. Discover It

The Discover does not have the best reward for signing up, but it is one of the easiest to get. If you get approved for the card, you’ll earn $50 cash back on your first purchase. It can be a $1 bottle of water or pack of gum. Most additional purchases earn 1 percent cash back, but rotating categories like restaurants or gas stations can earn 5 percent cash back on a quarterly basis.

4. Chase Freedom

The Chase Freedom card is much like the Discover It. The Freedom also has rotating categories that pay 5 percent on the first $1,500 in purchases in the bonus categories. All other purchases earn 1 percent cash back. The biggest difference is the $500 spending requirement over three months and the $150 bonus for meeting it. This is basically a 30 percent return on the spend. Most people will spend more than $167 on food and gas each month, so the $150 bonus should be easy to get. Just make sure to pay off every penny each month to avoid interest charges and/or late fees that will erode the benefit of the $150 cash back bonus pretty quickly.

GPT Sites

There are tons of sites out there that will pay people to do certain tasks like answer surveys, view websites  and complete free (or paid) cash offers. Some of these are not reputable. Others are. Two that I’ve gotten paid from are:

5. Clixsense

6. CashCrate


7. Treasure Trooper

Stat Banner


Selling Items Online

Selling items online is a great way to make money. Many of the items that you can sell are probably already in your home gathering dust, but that does not mean that someone else might not find these goods valuable. Two of the more popular sites for selling goods online are:


9. eBay

All you need is a seller’s account, and you can make money. Also, it is possible to get items to sell at a huge discount through yard sales and stores like Goodwill.


There are sites that allow people around the world to do tasks that computers cannot do. Some of these will not pay well, but some people are able to make an income that is pretty decent. One site that I’ve used to make a bit of money is

10. M-Turk 

This site is owned by, and those who do some work can get their funds in Amazon credit or as cash sent to a bank account. The payment options can vary a bit by nation, so check this out.

Content Writing

There are several content writing sites out there that people can use to make a bit of money. Some of these were quite good, but have started to lose some of their attractiveness to online writers because of diminishing returns. I’ve got content on one or more of these sites, and I’ve actually gotten payments from them. Here are three sites I’ve used:

11. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a site that allows users to write about financial issues. The payments can be quite solid as revenue sharing kicks in.

12. Hubpages

I’ve earned several hundred dollars writing for this site, but much of that came as an apprentice. I earned $6.09 for each article for a whole year. They are not taking new people into this program at this point, so most people would not earn that much. Some people can make hundreds per month, though.

13. Freelance writing

There are a number of reputable freelance writing sites that people have utilized to get paid from online work. I’ve personally earned several thousand in this manner.

Disclosure: Some of these links are affiliate links, and I could earn a commission should you decide to sign up for the service. I’ve used all of these methods to make or save money, but YMMV.

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  1. You forgot about Clixsense. I’ve been earning from them since 2010! Click my picture to go there. OF COURSE, the more people you have under you clicking, the more you make. But I’ve made a few hundred dollars just from my personal clicks.

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